Hi there! My name is Rostyslav Toch and I am a highly skilled and experienced software development engineer. I have been actively involved in the tech industry since 2015 and have a strong background in competitive programming.

I have over 4 years of commercial experience and have a proven track record of designing, developing, and maintaining scalable systems for various industries. I am currently working at Amazon Web Services, where I work with huge scalable systems, Java and tackle complex tasks every day.

I have a unique blend of technical skills, including proficiency in Rust and Golang, as well as hands-on experience in full-stack technologies such as .NET ASP.NET Core, .NET WPF, React + Redux, Angular2+, Ruby on Rails, and Kentico CMS.

I am passionate about staying current with the latest technology trends and continuously exploring new innovations in software development. My focus areas include Rust programming language, algorithms and data structures, problem-solving, architectural and software design tasks, and complex bugs.

Some of my achievements include:

  1. Four-time ACM ICPC SEERC semifinals participant.
  2. Third Diploma at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics (Algorithms and Data Structures)
  3. Significant ranks and ratings on Codeforces, HackerRank, Codesignal, Leetcode, Spoj, and Codewars.

Through this blog, I aim to share my insights, experiences, and knowledge of modern technologies and best practices in software development, specifically in Rust and Golang. I hope to connect with the tech community and contribute to the growth of the industry.

You can connect with me through the following links: